Terms and Conditions

All purchases placed on this website are subject to the Terms and Conditions layed out on this page. Please read these carefully to make sure that you fully understand what is covered by your purchases on this website.

Domain Licenses

All products sold on Cryozonic's website are subject to one of two Domain Licenses. These licenses can be found at the following pages:

  1. Single Domain License - http://cryozonic.com/licenses/stripe.html
  2. Unlimited Domains License - http://cryozonic.com/licenses/stripe-unlimited.html

All products purchased from our website will automatically track domain names onto which they have been installed. Any installations of the modules which violate the Single Domain License may be followed up by legal action from Cryozonic, resulting in a complete takedown of the website violating the license policies and a permanent termination of the existing license.

Merchants who wish to upgrade their licenses have the following two options:

  • If they need a second Single Domain License may do so by purchasing the module for a second time.
  • To upgrade to the Unlimited Domains License (which is more cost effective in many cases), an "Unlimited Domains License Upgrade" can be purchased from our website, which can be found either under the Magento 1 modules category  , or the Magento 2 modules category .

If a merchant wishes to change their licensed domain name, they can do so from the license section under their account. When a production domain is changed, the merchant is responsible for uninstalling the module completely from the old domain.

Customer Support

You can take advantage of our free customer support by contacting us through the contact page. The offered free customer support covers basic installation, configuration and usage issues with the modules. If you are facing any technical issues that we suspect may be related to a flaw within our modules, we can offer investigation of the issue directly on the merchant's website and may provide patches or resolution advise for that issue.

Free customer support cannot be provided in the following scenarios:

  • When a developer needs to add bespoke functionality or customize one of our modules. Explanations on how the modules work may sometimes be provided to developers wishing to perform basic customizations, however under no circumstance can Cryozonic's customer support provide code for bespoke customizations.
  • If the merchant is facing a technical issue because of a conflict with another 3rd party module (and including the website's theme), then it is up to the merchant's developer to perform any integration work between the two modules. No integration work can be provided by Cryozonic's customer support.

Refund Policy

All of our products are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. Merchants can evaluate the modules directly on their websites during this period. If the merchant comes across a technical issue that cannot be quickly and easily resolved through customer support, or they find that the module's feature set does not cover their business needs, then the merchant is eligible for a full refund to their purchase.

When a refund has been requested and completed:

  1. The merchant's license is then terminated as per the Termination section under the licensing policy.
  2. The merchant is responsible for uninstalling the modules from all production, staging and development websites that they operate.
  3. The merchant is also responsible for deleting all downloaded local copies of the modules.

Failure to follow any of these steps by the merchant, or the continuous usage of the modules after a refund has been issued will be followed by legal action from Cryozonic, resulting in a complete takedown of the website violating the license policies.

If Cryozonic reaches the point of legal action against a merchant, Cryozonic also holds the right to permanently terminate all licensing for the specific merchant, which means that the module can no longer be re-purchased or re-licensed.

Module Upgrades

All of our modules come with a 1 year access to free upgrades. Once the timeframe for free upgrades has passed, merchants who wish to upgrade to newer versions of the modules are required to place a new order for the same product. The new order will extend the timeframe that the merchant has to continue downloading newer versions of the modules. Discounts will automatically be offered for products purchased for a second time. To receive these discounts, the merchant must log into the website using the account that placed the original order.